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We invite you to get involved in a unique opportunity to take advantage of 3D Materialization technology before it is taken away from consumers, like you, wishing to produce their own products with it, and in turn, becoming do-it-yourself manufacturers. Now is the time to take control of the tools of digital production that can be made locally and that serve the community, by the means of education, creative collaboration, sharing data and experiences.

Doitandshare’s mission is to create awareness of the ease with which one can become involved in socially-geared economies at a local and global level. With the “Makers community”, our goals are 1) develop, spread, and viralize an innovative entrepreneurial spirit, and 2) create educational programs that are worthy of the digital age; where the motto is: Learn, Do, and Share.

The Project Context:

Globalization has driven the production of material goods to locations where it costs less to manufacture them. The development of Internet-based production tools, associated with the Information and Communications Technologies (ICT) sector around the world will facilitate the relocation of sources of production.
What characterizes this innovation of materializing 3D design shared on the Internet is the ability to produce local and custom-made consumer products that cost 20 to 30 times less than when using traditional production channels.

Let’s build a network comprised of Makers and of stakeholders who wish to register their 3D printer at a local materialization original service provider.

Doitandshare with its online virtual platform offers these stakeholders local and global visibility for their projects that have an economic, social, and educative orientation.

Current Projects:

The projects we invite you to participate in are social by nature: creating prosthetic limbs, products for the visually impaired, or tools for artisans (e.g. sewing machines or connected objects). Each registered member is able to propose a local project, which will be shared and replicated, if it proves to be valuable for the community.

With each project, you will undergo the following 3-step process:
1) Discover and learn techniques and applications of 3D Materialization;
2) Develop or realize a local project with social, economic, or ecological goals with the support of professors and participating Makers;
3) Share your experience via the Doitandshare platform and social media networks.

Finally, to complete the process, we encourage our participants to organize recycling programs. For instance, in schools, you can collect plastic bottles, which we use to manufacture the filament crucial to materializing the objects that will be created.

Get on board with this innovation oriented toward the common good.

Philippe Parmentier
RED3D president

If you are a business, organization, or an individual who wishes to offer or is looking for 3D Materialization services; and if you wish to develop a fair-trade and innovative economy, this collaborative network is designed for you. Please complete your profile in indicating your coordinates, your offer, or your request.

I am an independent or business wishing to support the foundation’s objectives and I would like to participate in 3D Materialization projects in my area.

I am entreprise and I would like to participate in innovative projects that will boost my communication and my development.

I am 3D Materialization professional and I would like to participate in projects with the Doitandshare foundation in my area.